About Us

    KateHi there my name is Kate Watson and I’m the founder of this website.

    The idea behind ProbioticsGuide.com was hatched back in 2010.

    I started having a lot of stomach and digestive issues after (what I thought was) a routine medical procedure.

    After going to numerous doctors and specialists, and getting nowhere, someone finally suggested trying probiotics to help with all these uncomfortable problems.

    I had heard of probiotics before but had never really tried them…

    Upon going to the local health food store, I noticed there were literally dozens of different probiotics available.  And there was no way to tell which ones worked– and which ones didn’t.

    So after trying a few dozen of them, I decided to start publishing my results and observations.

    Keep in mind, these are my personal opinions as a consumer.

    And although I probably know more about probiotics than most of the companies who sell them, I’m not a medical doctor or health practitioner.

    Be that as it may, my goal is to make this the most comprehensive probiotics review site on the internet.

    I truly hope you enjoy it and find it useful!